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Our Specials section is dedicated to feature unit quantities with prompt delivery in mind. Delivery to Continental U.S. by flatbed semi. For International and off-shore customers we can load containers here in Winthrop, WA.

Contact us today, lengths are subject to availability.
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We also send a weekly email with closeout pricing on selected products.
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1x S4S  
Price/LF   Species & Description
  AYC 1x3 Clear S4S Shorts
  2x6 T&G
Price/LF   Species & Description
IMAGE OF 2x6 Incense Cedar Utility Grade Tongue & Groove Incense Cedar Utility
  Pine Knotty
  Pine Clear
IMAGE OF 2x6 Port Orford Cedar Clear Grade Tongue & Groove POC Clear
  Fir Knotty
  D-Fir Reclaimed
Redwood Reclaimed
  1x6 T&G
Price/LF   Species & Description
IMAGE OF 2x6 Port Orford Cedar Clear Grade Tongue & Groove D-Fir Clear Santa Fe V2E Rough Face

We also have a Bargain Basement were we offer falldown and below grade closeouts, which don't reflect the high-quality of the products we deal with.

Lineal Foot- Lineal foot or running foot or per one foot (12 inches of length)
PER- Meaning by or multiplied by. As in cost for every lineal foot.
BEVEL- Clap board, lap board. A sedge saped board installed lap over the prior board with the thicker edge facing down.
R/C- Rough Cut.
S1S2E- Surfaced one side and two edges.
RUSTIC- Resawn or Rough exposed face.
CLR- Clear. With out knots.
F/J- Finger jointed.

STD- Standard Grade
SQFT- Square Foot
BF- Board Foot
LF-Lineal Foot
T&G- Tongue and Groove
E/M-End Matched STK- Select Tight Knot
R/F- Rough Face or Resawn Face

All prices listed FOB Winthrop, Wa
Prices are subject to Availability
Prices subject to change without notice
MBF-Thousand Board Feet
LF- Lineal (running) Feet

Joe's Quick Conversion Tip:
To convert from BF to LF multiply the nominal thickness by the nominal width and divide by 12. This answer will be the convension factor (CF) Divide the Board Foot cost by the CF to find the Linear Feet price.
(i.e. 1/2x8 @ $1650 mbf; 1x8=8 12/8 = 1.5. 1.65/1.5=1.1 or $1.10 per LF)