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Kestrel Nest Structures

The American kestrel is a robin-sized flacon. It is rust-colored, with a sharp, hooked bill. Although widely distributed throughout the United States, they prefer savanna-like areas with few trees or farmsteads, woodland borders, city parks, and suburban areas. Bear Creek Lumber was asked to donate to a local Eagle scout project that would create nesting boxes for Kestrels. Built with 1 x 10, the houses are easily assembled, and can be placed throughout a community. Bear Creek Lumber was happy to oblige. The company has always been dedicated to conservation, and has donated materials for bird projects in the past.

American Kestrel, Northern Screech-Owl, Gray Squirrel, Red Squirrel, and Fox Squirrel Nest Box

kestrel imageTo attract kestrels, place the box in relatively open country on a tree or post 10-30 feet high with grassy habitat nearby. Screech owls can be attracted along the edges of hardwood forests adjacent to fields or wetlands. Boxes should be placed at least 10 feet high. Both the kestrel and owl boxes should include a predator guard to keep squirrels from using the nest boxes. Squirrels can be attracted by using this box and filling it half full of leaves and mounting at least 30 feet above the ground on a tree at least 10 inches in diameter. It is not necessary to clean out squirrel boxes.

kestrel nest schematic and plans