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Little Star Montessori School

PO Box 608 - 509 Highway 20
Winthrop, WA 98862
(509) 996-2801 -

the kids and teachers of little starLittle Star School provides early educational opportunities for children 18 months to six years old. The program is Montessori-based, with an emphasis on basic learning skills and appreciation of the natural world. Students take real world field trips where learning reading, writing and math are combined with studying such things as how a tree grows, what a riparian area is and how farmers grow food. The school works with both regular needs children, and also special needs youngsters. Bear Creek Lumberwas a founding supporter of the school and provides a scholarship each year forat least one local child.

Little Star Programs

staff and kids of little starMorning Star Toddler: The Morning Star Program is child-centered, with an emphasis on self-discipline and discovery through practical daily activities. The curriculum incorporates Montessori learning techniques with practical life, beginning art, music, puppetry and nature studies.

Little Star Pre-School: In the Little Star program, children are introduced to reading and math skills, integrated with art, drama, science, geography, and storytelling. Computer skills, foreign language and field trips are also incorporated into the learning day. The children develop social skills which form the basis of good citizenship.

Rising Star Kindergarten: In the Rising Star program, the students are reaching a level of activity that is more individualized. They are ready for project activities and in-depth studies that tie into a variety of academic disciplines. These children mentor the younger children in many activities and enjoy being role models.