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This page has moved: Bear Creek Lumber now has a blog!

Thanks for visiting our iPhone Apps webpage. For a long time, our web master Omaste Witkowski kept us up-to-date with company news, press releases and snippets of the Valley Life in this page. Thanks to blogging, now we will be sharing more information through our Company Blog, where our entire sales team will be posting their thoughts. Catch the latest in pricing and inventories, stories about our projects and products, and much more! Below are some of the early blog entries.

Lost River Construction

Monday, February 19, 2007, 10:18 AM
On Friday 2/16, Hector (our webmaster) and I (salesman Merle) went and visited some jobsites of Lost River Construction. We took many photos of jobs under construction and some that where completed and being lived in. Stay tuned for a future web feature of Lost River Construction. Here is a webpage with the projects as we saw them. Thanks to Phil for showing us around.

"Yeah, but would you eat it for a dollar?"

Friday, February 16, 2007, 02:34 PM
Ever since we began importing exotic speices of lumber and reclaimed lumber to our Winthrop, Washington plant we have picked up interesting and never before seen critters, objects, substances, nests and high-viscus matter which to this day has us stumped as to origin, toxicity and flamambility. Well, maybe not flamability, they yard guys will burn most anything if left alone for long periods of time.

Our array of exotic speices from the continents of Africa, South America and Australia arrive on our shores harboring some wild looking spiders, grubs, random paper and mud and sludge and muck. Believe it or not there are some applciations which call fo the lumber in its as is state.

For the most part the guys in the yard have to scrape, de-nail, power-wash, trim, shape, sand and sort through tons of lumber to produce orders when particular care to select for appearance, grain, length and coloration is specified.

Its a dirty job sometimes.

A dirty job that pays in creative ways.

August, 2004 - Restoration Logging

jake marshall thinning an overgrown forestOvergrown suppressed stands of Douglas fir are logged for better forest environmental health. Trees that should be spaced 30 feet apart are typically targeted. Growth rings show the wood is particularly dense. This product is excellent for a variety of uses from rail fencing (using small diameter logs) to posts and poles for construction. Whole trees are available for sale.
Local feller Jake Marshall (left) spends the summer thinning, when not fighting forest fires
Shown to the right are Ten-inch diameter hand-peeled logs
Bear Creek Lumber selectively harvests posts and poles in diameters of all sizes and lengths from its forestry operation. The trees are hand marked, cut and peeled. The rails can be used as natural fencing or for furniture. The natural character of some of the rails makes for interesting natural shapes. The property has mistletoe which can be a huge fire hazard. As part of the company’s restorative thinning, many mistletoed trees are being harvested, including some larger 12-18 inch trees. For more information about these fir products call 800-597-7191, for pictures click here. Logs will be available until snow closes the roads in late October/early November.

July, 2003

Washington’s largest wildfire began 15 miles outside of the town of Winthrop after a lightening storm at the end of June. The fire was held back from the populated areas by a small army of firefighters and the fact that controlled burning had limited fuel in the town’s direction. Only snow and rain are expected to put the fire out entirely, and none are expected for at least a month.
The National Interagency Fire Center reported yesterday that 49 large fires were burning in 11 Western states. So far this year, wildfires have charred about 1.47 million acres, still below the 10-year average of 2.07 million acres as of this date.
Weather forecasters don't predict much moisture in the weeks ahead, so the fire risk is expected to remain high through mid-October, said Dave Widmark, a Portland-based fire-information officer. The next 10 days could be particularly troublesome, with lightning expected east of the Cascades.
Firefighters already have plenty of work. Winthrop’s Farewell Creek blaze in the North Cascades is by far the biggest and has drawn more than 1,100 firefighters. Firefighters in recent days could do little to stop it; earlier this week, embers flew more than three-quarters of a mile ahead of the flames.
On July 16, a convection cloud of 40,000 to 45,000 feet formed above the fire and had enough power to yank out pine trees by their root balls. That day, the fire exploded from 15,000 to more than 32,000 acres, said Kris Eriksen, a fire-information officer.
So far, the fire has burned largely in the Pasayten Wilderness near the Canadian border, feeding on pockets of bug-infested timber, said Andrew Stenbeck, a fire-information officer. The fire is moving — for the most part — to the west and north. It is predicted that the fire will soon cross into Canada, where both American and Canadian forces will battle it.
Ground forces will not be used because the wilderness, without roads, offers no escape route for firefighters, Butterworth said.
But ground forces would not make a difference because normal fire barriers, such as creeks, roads or human-made trails, could not stop flames of this size, he said.
Early on, the fire made a run to the south but prescribed burns aimed at clearing the forest understory helped stop that advance, fire officials said. As of last night, the fire did not pose a threat to any communities. The closest, Loomis, is about 20 miles east of the fire's edge.

June, 2002

Many of our customers have been asking what Cedar looks like if you leave it, in its natural (unfinished) state, rather than staining (finishing) it. BCL is now offering pictures of Western Red Cedar in its natural or unfinished state. Click here for pictures of weathered WRC.
Also new is our online literature. Bear Creek Lumber is now offering some of our brochures online. We are also offering technical information in PDF format and HTML format. Click here for our online literature


a gecko crawls near a;laskan yellow cedara yoga studio with alaskan yellow cedarCloud & Ela Bannick recently went on a jobsite visit to Hawaii. The visit consisted mostly of sunny days and Alaskan Yellow Cedar (some of which is shown to the right). Cloud and Ela enjoyed looking around a yoga studio constructed with Bear Creek Lumber's AYC (shown to the left). Ela enjoyed taking these pictures for our website. More pictures can be seen in the Yellow Cedar photo album (testimonials), and on the paneling, interior ceiling, and timbers pages.


methow valley imageIf you click on our logo (to the upper right of this screen), you will see pictures of the Methow Valley or Bear Creek Lumber. We change these pictures monthly, and archive the old ones. If you click on the arrows underneath the pictures, you will go back and forth between the archived months.


wes pilkinton goes to see the MarinersLeft: Six-year-old Wes Pilkinton enjoys the annual Bear Creek Lumber Employee Day at Safeco Field with his mom and dad. It was his first time at a big league game! Wes is the son of BCL yard supervisor Mike Pilkinton. Bear Creek Lumber took employees and their families to the see the Mariners play the Okaland Athletics at Safeco Field. This is an annual Bear Creek event although it was especially fun this year to see history in the making as Ichiro broke two records during the game ( including most hits by a rookie-a 90 year record). That have been selling out the stadium for months.
Unfortunately, the team had one of their few losing games but ended up winning the homestand with two of the three games played that weekend against Oakland. Its going to be exciting to follow them in post season! We all look forward to next's year's Bear Creek Lumber day at the ball park. Go Mariners!


usa flag and mapBear Creek Lumber wishes to express its sympathy to everyone who lost friends and family in the past weeks from the horrific tragedy on the East Coast. We share your pain, and dismay at the events that have overwhelmed our country and the world. We are all part of a greater community whose goals are to build, not destroy. We must have faith that ultimately the good in our hearts will prevail over the evil in others. Our country is strong. As long as we stand together, no force can destroy it.


Bear Creek Lumber has sold Penofin products for many years, and we are now offering a Penofin color comparison chart to give our customers an idea of how Penofin stains might look in application. Update 09/2007: BCL doen not sell penofin products anymore.


For any of our customers, or suppliers, who are wondering how all the fires in Washington are affecting us, we have a little smoke in the air, but we are basically fine.
" Fire activity continues to dominate the pacific Northwest as four new large fires were reported in Washington, Oregon, and Idaho. Currently, more than 22, 650 firefighters are assigned to wildland fires in across the country. Predicted winds hit Oregon and Washington last night and caused several mandatory and voluntary evacuations. "Fire activity in the Northwest is a critical situation and continues to be our main priority," said a spokesman for the National Interagency Fire Center. Dry lightning is expected in western Montana, Idaho, and the eastern portions of Oregon and Washington. Windy conditions in these areas will prevail. Two military battalions were ordered yesterday. Both battalions will be assigned to the Wenatchee National Forest, one to the Icicle Complex and the other to the Spruce Springs/Dome Complex."
Luckily these fires are well away from Bear Creek Lumber. We are located in the heart of the Northwest, but we are fortunatly not in danger. Our lumberyard is surrounded on all sides by irrigated land, and we are located next to a Smoke Jumper Base. We are pretty smoky here, but we are not threatened, we are not going to be evacuated, and our buisness has not been disrupted.

our warehouse with clear skiessmoke from the fires.

Left: Bear Creek Lumber in July 2001 - Right: Bear Creek Lumber August 17, 2001


Bear Creek Lumber is now offering brochures online. We have literature that we mail to customers, and we are now offering that literature online. Check back periodically for new brochures. We are in the design process right now.


Wildfires broke out in two places not far from Bear Creek Lumber. The fires are not in the immediate vicinity so work is not disrupted, but the fires are growing. We are all saddened by the death of four firefighters in the Winthrop fire, which was 4,000 acres at last count. Also by the loss of property by our friends and neighbors in the Twisp fire which is over 1,500 acres. We will be holding our breath as thunderstorms are predicted for the next week in our area.

wildfire plume pictureThese first fires were most likely caused by campfires that got out of control, and grew ten times in size in a matter of hours. Lightning caused fires are even worse, as winds from the storm make them race ahead. It was wind and triple digit temperatures behind the wind that caused the deaths of the firefighters yesterday.The effect was like a blast furnace. Our hearts go out to their families. There has not been a firefighter death in 30 years here but the steep terrain and thick fuels make every fire a potential disaster this year. We are in the middle of the worst drought in the area in 30 years so even a tossed cigarette could start a fire. We will be praying for rain and cooler weather!


Here at Bear Creek Lumber we are continuing to enhance our home page. Most of iPhone Apps right now is web specific. We are adding to our image gallery daily, and we are trying to organize all of our customer comments and pictures to share with our web viewers. Check back regularly for iPhone Apps on our page.


Bear Creek Lumber is now hosting its own web site. We recently purchased equipment that enabled us to host our own home page, and e-mail services.


Bear Creek Lumber is featured in another writers project. "The Builders Secret" by George Ehrenhaft. "Few moments in life are as profoundly satisfying as standing back and admiring something you've built with your own two hands. Inside you'll meet ordinary men and women who have discovered the extraordinary rewards of building. They've filled empty spaces with wood and concrete shaped by their own creativity. They've laid bricks, sweated pipes, installed new kitchen cabinets, and along the way, changed their lives forever."


Bear Creek Lumber is now offering images of its products. This will be an ongoing project with a goal of offering our customers images of all the species we carry. We encourage you to check back frequently to see new additions to our photo gallery. When we are finished, there will be pictures of lumber in our yard, and pictures of our lumber in homes and job sites around the US, and around the world