Natural Wood Options For Your Next Home, Business, Architectural and/or Manufacturing Project

Along with our unique inventory of top quality, hard to find lumber products and natural wood species, we also have an extensive supply chain network, little known sources and connections that allow us to find products and high value materials in various sizes, grades, quantities and lengths that are not available to most people. If we don’t have it, we can get it or we can offer you an option you might not be aware of. Either way, we deliver the best quality materials for the most affordable prices.

About Us

Bear Creek Lumber is a family owned and operated lumber yard located in the Methow Valley between Twisp and Winthrop, WA. The original Bear Creek Lumber location opened its doors in 1977 and has been offering high value lumber materials ever since.

We always enjoy meeting new people and welcoming back old friends. 

Hard To Find Lumber Inventory

Western Red Cedar, Alaskan Yellow Cedar, Port Orford Cedar, Douglas Fir, Redwood, Ponderosa Pine, Hemlock, Spruce, Ipe and Teak. 

Each of these species of lumber can be used in various ways for Siding, Decking, Timbers, Paneling, Ceiling Paneling, Trim, Post and Beam, Garden, Fascia and Recycled/Reclaimed products.

Jobsite Direct Delivery​

Bear Creek Lumber offers jobsite direct, worldwide delivery even though the majority of our business is within the United States and Canada.

Our shipping coordinators and partners use the very best methods to package and secure lumber units so that your materials arrive on site in the same shape they left our facility.

Alaskan Yellow Cedar Ceiling Paneling

Interior & Architectural Design 

Your home or office is a place that needs to look comfortable, appealing, and stylish to give you the much-needed relaxed atmosphere. This can only be achieved by choosing the best interior décor that will bring an attractive, striking look. Some interior designs work wonders in every home or office, but the type of material used is what determines how your interior will look.

Natural wood is among the best materials that bring perfection to every interior. Using natural wood to design your interior comes with many benefits over the other materials. 

Benefits of Using Natural Wood for Your Office or Home Interior

  • Incorporating wood in your home interiors will ensure rapid cooling and heating of the space. It also absorbs noise (making your interiors conducive) and atmospheric carbon, making the space much healthier for you.
  • Wood is one of the most durable materials out there, making it a favorite amongst home designers.
  • Wood can be used virtually everywhere – inside and out – as a design element to complement any style.
  • In addition to the durable, classic beauty of fine wood furniture, envision it on your floors, walls, ceilings, patios and in accessories throughout your home.

Western Red Cedar Exterior Bevel Siding, Trim and Fascia

Exterior Siding, Decking, Fascia

Exterior product choices can make or break the visual appeal of your next project. When you choose natural wood, your project will immediately increase in value. Wood siding can easily last a century or more, with proper care and maintenance and is completely biodegradable. In the end, a quality siding job adds real value, protection and curb appeal, giving you a great return on your investment.

Benefits of Using Natural Wood for Your Next Exterior Project

  • Wood has inherently excellent acoustics, so homes are more serene to be in and around.
  • Wood offers good thermal resistance, further improving homeowner comfort no matter what the season.

Douglas Fir Paneling, Ceiling Paneling and Timbers.

Interior AND Exterior Lumber Solutions

No matter where you are using natural wood, it will benefit your next product. Lumber products such as Timbers, Post and Beam, Trim and Peeled logs can be used in interior or exterior projects.  

Benefits of Using Natural Wood for Your Next Interior OR Exterior Project

  • Simplicity of construction. The wood beams, joists, and studs can be cut to size onsite and, unlike some other construction materials, no heavy equipment is required.
  • Sustainability. Lumber is one of the only building materials that regrows. In fact, there is more lumber being grown in the world than is being harvested currently.
  • Carbon capture benefits. Growing trees absorb carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, emit oxygen and store carbon.
  • Wood performs better than concrete and steel when it comes to air and water pollution. Wood’s advantages are recognized by green building rating systems— including certified wood, recycled/reused materials, local sourcing of materials, waste minimization, indoor air quality and life cycle impacts.

What Our Customers Say
About Us

Bears Love Bear Creek Lumber!!
Just writing to say that I personally love my Bear Creek Lumber deck and so do the bears!!!!
The enclosed picture is a replica of Norman Rockwell's studio in Arlington Vermont. The replica is located at Lake McConaughy, Nebraska's laregst lake. The large north window provides a clear view of the lake and natural lighting for painting. (pictured right. Bear Creek provided the random width STK vertial cedar siding.
The lumber I received was excellent and has held up through 100 inches of rain a year, for 10 years, with little upkeep!
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