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California Redwood Siding

Available in newer growth or recycled timbers, this rare wood produces an incredible finish and takes paint and stain easily. Few other woods equal the finish grade and dimensional stability of Redwood siding. Despite being one of the lightest of softwoods, Redwood provides adequate strength for a wide variety of uses including outdoor siding. The minute cell structure with thousands of air-filled cavities accounts for Redwood’s superior thermal insulation values. People often look to Redwood when there is a high moisture level locally and they don’t want to use a cedar product. All siding options are available in a variety of grades ranging from vertical grain clear to utility. BCL can offer any size siding you may need. For technical information on California Redwood see this page, or the Redwood species page for more general info.

California Redwood Siding Customer Projects and Testimonials

Lewis Creek Recreation CenterRecycled California Redwood was milled to provide siding and trim for this

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Mazama Mountain HomeMany recycled and reclaimed materials were used in this mountaintop home in the

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