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Shakes and Shingles Products

Briefly, we will look at the difference between shakes and shingles and their applications. Shingles are sawn. Shakes are split. Shingles have a relatively smooth surface while shakes have at least one highly textured natural grain split surface.

Shingles and shakes are generally used for roof and sidewall applications in the natural or unfinished state.

Below the thumbnails there are samples of available patterns and a list of products in stock, please scroll past the thumbnails to see these items.

Shake and Shingle Products Available from Bear Creek Lumber

  • 18″ #1 Resawn 1/2″ Shakes
  • 24″ #1 Resawn 1/2″ Shakes
  • 24″ #1 Resawn 3/4″ Shakes
  • 24″ #1 Tapersplit Shakes
  • 16″ #1 Fivex Shingles
  • 16″ #2 Fivex Shingles
  • 24″ #1 Royal Shingles
  • 24″ #2 Royal Shingles
  • 18″ #1 Perfections
  • 18″ #2 Perfections
  • 18″ #1 Fancy Cut Shingles
  • 18″ Heavy Fire Treated Roof Shakes

Western red cedar fancy cut shingles shown depicting patterns available, from left to right: Diamond, Square, Octagon, Fish scale, Round, Arrow , Half Cove, Hexagon, and Diagonal.

Shakes and Shingles in Application

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