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Western Red Cedar Interior Ceiling Paneling Products

Interior Ceiling Paneling Product

It’s time to look up and think about what you want to choose for your interior ceiling paneling product! Installing wood paneling on a ceiling is an excellent way to finish a room and add some subtle drama. Wood paneling is often used on a ceiling that is vaulted or has exposed beams, but this material can be installed in any room.

This choice will be one of your most important decision to make because of how it will affect the overall feel of your interior living/working environment. Bear Creek Lumber can offer softwoods such as Western Red CedarAlaskan Yellow CedarPort Orford CedarCalifornia RedwoodDouglas Fir / LarchPonderosa Pine, and Hemlock, along with hardwoods such as Mahogany, Sapele, Ipe & Teak.

After you have determined which specie of wood to use for your interior paneling, you will then need to determine which pattern you would like to use to complement the interior design and/or look you are going for.  The most common pattern that we see for interior use is going to be a V-Joint pattern. Other common patterns we often see are going to be center match or nickel gap. 

Softwood Interior Ceiling Paneling Product

Most commonly with ceiling paneling the products supplied are going to be supplied with a smooth texture, but a resawn texture can be provided if a customer is looking for more of a rustic appeal. We can offer ceiling paneling in 1/2″, 5/8″, 11/16″ and 3/4″ net sizes and 3″, 4″, 6″ & 8″ nominal widths.  Other sizes can be developed through our specialty milling process if required. 

Most of our softwood ceiling paneling options are going to be available in both clear and knotty grades, while our hardwood options are generally only available in clear grades.  Clear products give a finer appearance and work well in modern and upscale projects.  Knotty materials will give the walls more character and a bit of a rustic appeal.  Knotty materials are going to be more economical than clear, generally being about half the overall cost. Learn more about why natural wood is the best option for interior paneling, ceiling paneling and wall panels here.

Western Red Cedar Ceiling Paneling

Western Red Cedar Ceiling Paneling

Western Red Cedar Ceiling Paneling with Knotty Timbers

This species is provides a wonderful interior atmosphere and you can use the deep chocolate brown hues of slowly-grown heartwood to highlight a light colored carpet or a solid hardwood flooring such as Ash, Maple, Hickory, Douglas Fir or Oak.

This species also works well with other interior applications such as timbers, trim, and flooring.

A Western Red Cedar interior ceiling paneling product will do well in humid conditions and in climates all the way from Alaska to Hawaii.

California Redwood Ceiling Paneling

Redwood Ceiling Paneling

Redwood Ceiling Paneling and Trim

Redwood ceiling can create dramatic depth when sanded and sealed with a multi step process for the ultimate high-gloss and subsequent high-definition finishes. Appropriate for church, home, restaurant, government at a few levels, and higher learning applications.

Many times this product is recycled and/or paired with recycled ceiling or trim applications.

A California Redwood interior ceiling paneling product will have gorgeous color and long lasting beauty. Many times, this species of wood is recycled for maximum lifespan.

Alaskan Yellow Cedar Ceiling Paneling

Alaskan Yellow Cedar Ceiling Paneling

Do not hesitate to specify crazy long lengths for this proven pest reppelling cedar speice tree. Go native and beat the bugs that eat wood. Buy Bear Creek Lumber. Our wood is good. Preprime before finishing or your treatments may go to gooooo. This is sum dense stuff and can refuse even known penetrating treatments.

Alaskan Yellow Cedar interior ceiling paneling product is one that will last a lifetime. It has a beautiful and almost buttery color in the long term and a wonderful aroma.

Douglas Fir Ceiling Paneling

Douglas Fir Ceiling Paneling and Recycled Timbers for Post and Beam Application Mom1.jpg

Many people choose Douglas Fir for their ceiling paneling. It has a range of colors from buttery to light cream and can be sourced in clear to knotty grades. The natural wood gives an amazing hue to the room and has a relaxing quality. In addition this natural product is one of the strongest and most highly used of the western woods. Finished in a ceiling application, this wall will contrast red colors in adjoining walls and window dressing.

Douglas Fir interior ceiling paneling product is a great one if you are looking for an affordable option that varies in color from light to creamy brown. It stands the test of time and is quite attractive to look at.

Ponderosa Pine Ceiling Paneling

Pine Ceiling Paneling

When it comes to ceiling paneling, many people also often use Pine and Blue Stained pine ... go ahead and buy the # 2 & better pulled to the flush joint. Install v-face for high grade at almost the same price as the v-joint call out.

Knotty Pine in application can make a ceiling look like a cool solar system of knots. This can be fun in your home, cabin, office, bar, nightclub, etc. Be sure and ask for blue-stain to crate milky-way eclipsing elipse not included with most installations. This works great with a black-light.

Clear Grade Hemlock Ceiling Paneling

Clear Hemlock Ceiling Paneling

Hemlock lumber In a clear vertical grain makes an amazing ceiling product. This western wood is lighter in color than Douglas fir and can yield clean and straight edges when compared to that of the Fir.

This ceiling paneling product will WOW you from the start. It's light color and smooth vertical lines are captivating and long lasting.

Interior Ceiling Paneling Product - Projects and Testimonials

Check out the variety of ways that our customers have used our natural wood options in their ceiling paneling projects. From California Redwood to Western Red Cedar to Hemlock! These photos and customer testimonials travel across the country…

From residential applications to retain ones, natural wood ceiling paneling is a wonderful option for anyone looking for an interior ceiling paneling product that will look beautiful and last a long time!

There are many financial, environmental and aesthetic benefits to choosing wood wall panels for your interior paneling. These should all be taken into consideration when planning a remodel or new building project. You’ve seen wood paneling in every place from local cafes, to luxury hotels to small businesses and it works every time, anywhere you put it. So don’t let yourself miss out on all the benefits! 

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