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Douglas Fir Interior and Exterior Post and Beam Post and Beam, Wall Paneling, Ceiling Paneling and Trim Product Options

Interior and Exterior Post and Beam Products

Many builders and homeowners love interior and exterior post and beam products for their strength and support along with natural elegance. They are environmentally preferable to steel and other supports, can be quickly installed and are long lasting and quite attractive.

In architecture, post and beam (also called post and lintel, prop and lintel, or trabeated systems) refers to a building system where strong horizontal elements are held up by strong vertical elements with large spaces between them. This type of construction is usually used to hold up a roof, creating a largely open space beneath, for whatever use the building is designed.

The horizontal elements are called by a variety of names including beam, lintel, header, or architrave, and the supporting vertical elements may be called posts, columns, or pillars. The use of wider elements at the top of the post, called capitals, to help spread the load, is common in this construction or building style.

Bear Creek Lumber timber products options are available in a variety of grades ranging from vertical grain clear to utility. BCL can offer any size beams you may need. 1″ to 36″ in thickness / width and 50′ in length. Western Red CedarAlaskan Yellow CedarDouglas Fir / LarchPine / SpruceHemlock , and California Redwood, are the most commonly used species of wood for post and beam applications.

Western Red Cedar Post and Beam

Western Red Cedar Post and Beam

Western Red Cedar (WRC) interior and exterior post and beam products are the ideal building material for landscape design, construction and indoor design applications. This lumber species is durable, strong, and gorgeous to look at. It has superior qualities and will last a very long time, even outdoors.

WRC post and beam uses heartwood, which is the inner core of the tree trunk comprising containing nonliving elements. In this particular species, heartwood has a prominent color difference from sapwood. This provides a visual treat for any building application.

Alaskan Yellow Cedar Post and Beam

Alaskan Yellow Cedar Post and Beam

Alaskan Yellow Cedar products are the perfect choice for exterior applications, especially in tropical climates. It outperforms other lumber types, including pressure treated for outdoor use, even buried in the ground. It is beautiful to look at and long lasting any any condition.

Visit our Yellow Cedar picture gallery heartwood is more durable than sapwood when exposed to decay-promoting conditions like sun light and moisture. Sapwood will take preservative treatments better than heartwood. such is life.

Douglas Fir Post and Beam

Douglas Fir Post and Beam

Douglas Fir is a beautiful, durable, and unique structural support option for your home, office, or rental. When it comes to sizing, in all grades of beams, characteristics are measured only in the middle half of the width. Restrictions on checks apply for a distance from the ends equal to three times the width of the face.

This lumber species is well known to architectural engineers as the best for support beams in larger construction designs. It is the builders choice for pergolas, gazebos, and pavilions and other outdoor structures that require great strength against strong winds and continual exposure to extremely harsh elements. Thanks to the high-quality appearance, predictable strength, and reasonable price point, Doug Fir is an excellent fit for your big timber needs.

Douglas Fir is relatively low in weight compared to its strength, and it offers an ideal choice for interior and exterior post & beam construction. This lumber species is used worldwide in heavy construction timber, and it’s also capable of supporting very heavy loads. Doug Fir timbers also have the characteristic of cracking and checking minimally when dried. This is unlike other timber varieties. and Fir timber can be purchased unfinished or to the customer’s specifications.

Cost is obviously also a factor in choosing Douglas Fir timber over other wood species. The prices of wood types vary considerably, so ask a sales professional for a comparison so you can select the one in line with your building budget. Get current pricing and a free quote here.

California Redwood

Redwood Post and Beam

Redwood can be used in a number of indoor and outdoor structures because of its good strength to weight ratio. This species can be used inside and outside as pergolas, shade structures, decking enhancements, railings, and basically anything in your outdoor living environment.

Want recycled wood and/or do you need rare coloration and a story to boot. then specify Redwood timbers in your post and beam project, and enjoy their beauty. This specific lumber species works well for many uses, including; mantles, bar tops, gazebos and premium sign blanks.

Why Build With Interior and Exterior Post and Beams?

What we refer to as Post and beam is a simple and sophisticated way to design a custom timber frame home. Basically, we use post and beam as a term for building with heavy materials, such as Fir. The posts support the beams. So then, post and beam refers to any building that uses these two pieces in their construction.

In addition, post and beam is a nice and simple construction or building system. It’s all wood and the aesthetic is natural and elegant. When you get to the end result, it is a structure with patterns that can define your home, office, or rental property. Post and beam styles range from sleek and modern to more rustic and handcrafted, this building type offers excellent design prospects for any builder and/or home owner.

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