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Scientific Name: Sequoia sempervirens

detail of recycled redwod that was remanufactured to 2x2The Redwood trees of California have been harvested since the time of the first Spanish settlers, 400 years ago. It is a highly prized lumber product renowned for several unique features. One of the most dimensionally stable of the western softwoods, redwood is not prone to checking and splitting, and therefore is less damaged by weathering. It is decay-resistant in all heartwood grades, so heartwood can be used near the ground. Redwood is more insect repellent in all-heartwood grades than other softwoods, yet it is lightweight.

Despite being one of the lightest of softwoods Redwood provides adequate strength for a wide variety of uses. It is superior in insulation values. The minute cell structure with thousands of air-filled cavities accounts for Redwood's thermal insulation values. Redwood is easily machined, easy to saw and nail and has superior gluing properties as well as superior finish-holding ability. It is known for its easy maintenance and beautiful color: a deep reddish brown that darkens with age. Redwood is most often used for applications where high moisture levels are a problem for other types of wood. It is also specified for its exquisite coloring.We offer redwood siding, decking and lumber for all kinds of projects. Photo: above left: 2x2 recycled California Redwood used on the Lewis Creek Rec Center in Bellevue, WA.


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Redwood Products

decking iconDecking
outstanding weathering in this softwood guarantees you'll enjoy your deck for years to come

california redwood garden gazebos and trellis iconGarden
A popular choice for the most visible features in your garden, from benches to pergolas.

california redwood siding iconSiding
Few other woods equal the finish grade and dimensional stability of Redwood siding. Browse the gallery ans see for yourself.

Bring a warm athmosphere to your home with interior Redwood finishes.

Additional Redwood Products:

Bevels, Trim, Fascia, Interior Paneling, Exposed Ceiling.

Available Grades

Note: all pictures are meant for a general grade description.  If you want to see a more defined grade image, please let us know.  We can email you pictures and grade rules.

Available Patterns

Tongue & Groove, S4S, Rough Cut, S1S2E

Other Featured Products

Redwood posts and beams« Redwood Timbers and Posts : Redwood is one of the lightest North American softwoods used in structural applications. However it is comparatively strong to other heavier species. It's resistance to checking, cupping andd warping male it an excellent choice fot any timber project.

California redwood boards picture« Redwood Boards Rich colors and great workability make Redwood a material suited for vitrtually any application. Wether you are paneling, triming, creating some accent features or simply restoring a great old house, Redwood can perform.