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Scientific Name: Tectona grandis

Teak is an amazing wood. Althought here in the U.S, is not used for strcutural applications, its strenght values are similar to our native Oaks. Teak seasons well, is rated as very durable in respect to decay and insect resistance, and is somewhat hard to finish with oils and paints. The Teak heartwood varies from a yellow-brown to a deep brown with streaks of dark color. It is amazingly stable with a very low shrinkage factor.
Although teak comes originally from countries in the West Indian Ocean, but there's been development of plantations in South America and Africa.

This wood , due to its hardness, has a dulling effect on tools and knives so extra costs when setting custom milled pattters are to be expected. Mostly used in wall paneling, boat building, furniture, art and decorative veneers. Below: The Robyn home in san Juan Island, WA fetaures a sunken tub with accents of teak around it. © Photo: Ela Bannick

Teak paneling around this sunken ttub