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The Western Red Cedar Association has put together this incredible video library of tips and projects for you to browse. From proper acclimatization to building a Cedar arbor or installing bevel siding, all you ned to know about wood products is here. Scroll down to see the different offerings.

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How To Build a Cedar Arbor

Follow detailed instructions along with a materials list and expert advice on how to build a cedar arbor

Installing Cedar Siding: Overview

Paul Mackie from the WRCLA shares expert insight into the necessary steps to ensure your cedar siding, and all wood siding for that matters, is properly installed. Duration 6 minutes

Installing Cedar Siding: Prefinishing Wood

How to prefinish the wood products you just got delivered from Bear Creek Lumber. Video courtesy of the WRCLA. Duration 1 minute 58 seconds

Installing Cedar Siding: Bevel

Pro tips for installing bevel siding. Whether you are installing the siding yourself, or you want to ensure that your contractor did a good job, this video gives you the industry recommended installation procedure. Duration 2 minutes 40 seconds

Installing Cedar Siding: Board and Batt

The West was built on a horseback , and was sided on board and batt... This is the clasic western looking siding material, learn the proper insatllation techniques in this short video. Duration 2 minutes 1 second

Installing a Cedar Deck

Build your own deck , step-by-step instructions that you can review during your project. Duration 21 minutes 16 seconds

Installing a Hot Tub Cover

Your outdoor space will greatly improved if you add this beautiful cover to your hot tub. This detailed video will show you how. Duration 19 minutes 28 seconds